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Favre-Leuba - A Lasting Expertise

On March 13th, Favre-Leuba celebrated its anniversary: on that day in 1737, Abraham Favre was officially registered as a watchmaker. 

This year, the brand is bringing together two eras of exploration and new beginnings: 1960s and the present day. In 1962, Bivouac became the first mechanical wristwatch with an altimeter (measuring up to 3,000m) and barometer. Half a century later, in 2017, another record was broken by Favre-Leuba. The legendary timepiece returned as the Raider Bivouac 9000 which can measure  altitude up to 9,000m.

Nicolas Hojac, one of the fastest modern speed-climbers, and Ueli Bühler, Swiss mountaineer and mountain guide, set-out on a mission to test both watches in the Swiss Alps. 



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